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i m sorry... so sorry... didn't know.. that u felt so much.. that ur pain is more than mine... that u thought of this more often than i do... cried over these more often than i do...

feeling mroe n more ridiculous by the minute. since u feel so much... n i do too. still we have to part.. though its inevitable..but does it have to be so soon....

i didn't wanna care anymore.. dun wanna care.. just leave it to Him to either end this.. or somehow make it better....

since we marry n we divorce..marry n divorce again.. do we really have the initial need to get married in the first place?

yes.. we do.. we do cuz.. since theres only One of u n one of me in this world. n others don't really see us... we need someone in our life..to notice us.. so that our happenings everyday... doesn't go unnoticed... to witness our life... so that it doesn't go unnotice even when we die..
that someone... we had to choose... out of a billion to do so.. n it isn't easy being chosen. we had to care about the other's happy happenings... sad ones.. even mundane ones..every day.. every damn moment in our lives.

.....to catch a man is an art...to hold him is a job.

shouldn't have doubted u in the first place.. thinking that u didn't care.. when u do.. so much.
i m gonna miss u.. so badly..

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