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Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now :-
~chinese songs
~my eyes hurts
~lies n excuses not to go home


Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:-
~chicken rice
~fried chicken
~gift for auds
~Monsoon by Wilbur Smith for him

Name the Four things You Wish To Have :-
~specs. someone took mine
~Wilbur Smiths n more Wilbur Smiths
~currently craving for Yan-Zi Piano collection no 1.

Last person chatted online with?

Last Time You Cried?
~this morning when i yawn........wat???!!

What's Under Your Bed
~sometimes things drop. n i dun wan to know wat drops. n wat stays. n wat comes.

Current Clothes
~towel only. gonna bathe soon.

.Current Desktop Picture:
~final fantasy VII : advent children

Current Screen Saver:
~tarepanda rolling about...:D

Current Worry
~none. i m content

Current Hate
~those who rejected my scholarship letters

Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite
~used to be moustache.......now it is ass. n the small of the back. kwahahahaha.. the bigger the arse the better..lia hahahahaha

Favourite Place To Be

Least Favorite Place

Favorite Color(s)

Do You Believe In An Afterlife ?
~does this include undead??... :read terry prachett.

Current Favorite Word/Saying?
~murderous landlubber swine of rat piss n mother's sour milk...just kidding. ar...... wat bout. fat ass. hah.

One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could be?
~none. cuz i m better than them. hmph

favourite Days?
~my last ones with him

Favorite Bike?
~i prefer to swim

Favourite Cartoon Character?
~jack-jack from incredibles

Favourite Food
~everything. including human flesh.

Current favourite song
~tian hei hei by sun yan zi

What do you like to do most?
~sleep. or... sleep. or music.

Do you like to eat fish or chicken?
~both are white. i prefer red meat. goats!!! cows!!!!

Do you like to complete your homework in skool or at home?
~neither. my home is my school. vice versa

Do you skip skool often
~u learn in a school call life. if u skip them u r dead. same if ur school has a proper name

What are you doing now?
~exploiting my roomate's computer. downloading songs. to burn into a cd. waiting for him to come back. trying to drag myself to bathe

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