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Make up diary III

the full horror my boyfriend faces every waking hour he spend with me. no wonder he always look so scared.
but seriously, i dun really look that bad la ok. i exaggerated a lil bit with my expression and my hair to get the ulti ugly betty look.

put curlers somore. look like the kung fu hustle auntie.

cleaned up my face abit with foundation and powders.. at least now look like human

brows n blush..

pardon my sleepy eyes.. lame attempt trying to look sexy..put eyeshadow already.. MAC FAFI.. yay!

eyelashes and mascara.. now look too awake.. fuck

sorry i forgot to take the final pic after the make up and hair do.. i went out then come back only i take.. make up half gone.. so i use photoshop paint back abit to look like before.. haha..
with lipstick n um.. half the hairdo.

why must i put super ugly defaming pictures of myself n show how i paint myself up with plastic?
cuz right now i m comfortable with the way i look, i know how much i am worth and i am not ashamed to make use of the little worth that i have. i am honest.
are you?


i can feel the stereo waves
the vibes hitting me
but all i could think of is you.


jiani said...

hi, nice to meet you, you look pretty,especially the last 2 photo,how do you make your eyes so gorgeous??

haze said...

alot of work.. lol.. curl lashes.. put mascara.. stick fake lashes..good brands are inouvi and MAC lashes.
after that build up on the lashes with single lashes.. stick in the corners and lower lids...
imagine the amount of time spent.. haha..but so worth it