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ACAA masquerade prom 2008

major.. (may-jah) flop.
its a long story why i ended up going anyway...

its a masquerade prom and EVERYBODY had masks.. man... i was so 'last minute' that i just slap on a few colors that i have to be my make up mask.. me and celine.. that is.. lol..
and i wore celine's dress... i have been taking her dresses and wearing them to functions non stop..

the performances suck.. the awards suck...(cuz i didn't get the best student award.. ahem *cough*.. but hakim deserved it.. true to my heart, serious he does.. at least i got nominated)

facebook chat is so cool... new peepz..
quiz of the day.



hey wassup


ntm hbu

ntm hbu = wat??

nothing at the moment, how bout you?
wow. technology.
my next blog will be full of shorts....

all the pics is in my facebook as well..
here are the pics..
our table

sullen sullen me.. late

lovely liana

audrey eating.. justin showing weird face.. lol

our waiter

zeh pin

can you tell i m grimacing cuz the camera won't snap?
bad lighting env... bad cameraman.. lol

justin n auds...

damn camera. snap already.

cu of my make up. after i did the blue eye.. i was doing my blusher and i was thinking what if my blusher ends up in my other eye..bad bad idea

celine with her butterfly painted make up mask

this is how she looks like with her eyes closed

liana... joen and marwan..

spend what money on make up n hair la.. do urself oni..

best VR student :zeh pin and shanker


zeek the muse and me

zeek the clown and me

playful liana

amir n his gang

amir n me

dr House MD and me

ya man u better have a smile on your face.

me and umair

celine and me


auds camwhoring with me


auds in mask


just to stifle my urge to smoke

chew, me and apis..

i love this photo.......so much..
celine auds and me

auds and justin

me and amir

auds n zeek

poor auds.. she is trying to look as pretty as possible and he is trying to look as idiotic as possible.. haha

justin n auds

amin n me.. see vinn? u din miss out much attaa ALL.

me and joen.

at home..

at home... wrong white balance setting. heck care...

take care yall... lolz

1 comment:

mystic said...

mao mao! i want pics! and you can borrow my dress anytime. just dont burst it can d. :D just jk. hugx