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under construction

EDIT : right now it looks alright with firefox, the sidebar havent do yet and some custom images also.. but if u were to open it in IE it is really screwed up.. bear with it awhile more.. :D

these few days u will notice some weird changes in my blog.. which is as of now a pink content with wood background.. i m trying to revamp my blog into THIS..

but because i m so busy.. it will be in stages before it actually reach this stage.. some stuff may look very off right now.. pls pardon it.. k..
i need to practice my CSS programming for my upcoming projects..

next week will be a busy one.. full of work and events..
events such as...

0. Bikini photoshoot tomorrow
1. mix fm vip Street Kings passes
2. Sean Kingston Zouk unplugged

and whatever that comes along...
you can expect lots of pictures..

my mac is being reinstalled.. very poorly.. keeps hanging.. very bad..
i finally called the apple protection centre.. very efficient transfered my call to INDIA.

i lost my wallet yesterday. but i was lucky enough that someone kind has picked it up.. i will get it back tomorrow. blessed are the good people.

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