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top of the world

full view pls.. top grafitti again.. yay!!

i been and will be busy this week.. i will be uploading the sean kingston photos later.. so sorry.. :(
i havent slept for more than3 hours duration for the past 4 days..
i cleaned my room.. god knows how difficult that can be..
i am the kinda girl that hates to go into the shower, but once i m in the shower i hate to go out..
same with cleaning.. i hate to start cleaning, but once i start i can't stop..
i cleaned non stop for 4 hours.. how cool is that..

this is the photoshop mockup of the website.. i still can't get the menu right... help. it supposed to show the appropriate group of links when mouse over.. but i can't get the css to split up the menu sub-menu level to be in another div layer.. damn

i have just finished coding my cyberpreneurship class'es website.. done in JOOMLA with css coded in dreamweaver... take a lookie here

i got some coding to do regarding all the ugly white space in the content section n perhaps fix the menu.. i need help n suggestions !!!

i will be going to the lucasfilm jedi master class tour tomorrow at hiltons.. i know i can't bring camera but the email stated "Video taping and picture taking are not allowed during the event."

DURING LA DURING.. time to channel my SLR chick antenna.

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