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i have finally revamped my blog.. at least now it looks like a blog of mine.. instead of some default template...

it works best with firefox n IE7... so if my blog look shitty in ur IE.. thats because it is not above version 5... omg.. version 5 is already very old.. how old is your browser?? n who even uses internet explorer??

anyway.. while awaiting some professional pics from the photoshoot, look at my shots taken by me when i was resting...

damn tiring.. have to climb up the mountain to get to the waterfall.. not an easy climb as i am so weak and fragile.. ahem

ah b is always looming in photos.. i have to put my head in front of his to avoid that from happening..
i look like some weird mongrel mix.

i told you i was bored. lol.. hope the pics arrive soon YEA!

i had enough of stone camouflaged frogs for a while..

oh n if there are any bugs in my blog pls report them... coding bugs la..

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