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Sean Kingston's press gathering

since ah b been calling up radio stations every now and then.. he kept winning stuff.. one of them was the sean kingston tix to see him n take pics with him

but unfortunately we were late.. n couldn't get a personal pic with sean K .. i really don't feel that unfortunate .. really... its just a figure of speech. i am not sorry. either. lol..

all the winners who managed to get pics with him.. AIH.. now holding goodies waiting for him to arrive at the press conference in Maxis tower just next to KLCC

the booth setup.. too many hotlink ads. i know they are sponsoring. and i m advertising.. i don't want to .. but lol.

ah b holding winner pass

thats. Sean. K. pounds of him

he never really does smile. really. i m serious.

media hogging around him trying to get a shot

did i say that he don't smile.. gonna take that back

jared n ah b.. jared is on of the hitz fm perodua troupers.. they play footie together..

after a long long long long wait, we finally got our goodies..

a fan. nope. just going for the event yall

anyways.. i finally got my mac to the service centre... since it is in klcc next door... the warranty is really great... they are gonna replace my hard disk with a new one.. lol.. nearly typed hard dick


the troupers..

me in front of zouk.. like my shirt? i got it from lazyshop.. they got really cool clothes!!.. been looking for a midriff for a really long long time..

goodies to give out..

games before the event.

vinn inside of zouk.. it was 8 and empty.. might as well take some pics ya

ah b trying to be cool...

i love love love this pic!!!


pics without flash looks soooo goooood...

can even see the flourescent glow of white stuff

poser. hmph!

fag addiction

crowd starting to fill in

thats jj from hitz fm being the dj..

the freaking crowd at 9..

jj and natalie

dj jin.. from hk i think.

everybody just take pics non stop

sean k.. at around 10 pm..

he sang a freaking 5 songs and he just leave. at 11

told ya they just want his pics

vinn's sudden outburst of enjoyment..

pics without flash. nice.. have to really crank the ISO up

typical :0 emoticon

ah b n jj

me n jj

vinn and her glam presense

hmm. i wonder if u can tell whether i had a good time or not. ..
i rather watch hannah montana at home.. n it be a better blog post value than this

on to more interesting stuff.. vinn stayed over at my place .. i adapted her into my unhealthy lifestyle of eating in the middle of the night.

eating roast DUCKS.

i suppose if i turn it upside down i look less horrible

we worked without sleep.. i havent sleep well for a llooooonnng time..
n my neck freaking hurts so bad that i couldnt turn my head.. my dad did this.

i did this like 5 days ago n the marks are still there. shit.....

back to work.. compositing.. can't really help when the texturing is bad.. u'll see what i mean

this is the environment pass....

and this is the fog light pass..

this is the composited pass of the 2 above.. giving the light pass.. looks ok.. like some white tundra scene..

another one.. its not hdri anyway.. all spotlights

and this is the freaking diffuse pass. the texture.. how the heck m i supposed to make this look good.
eh. how?

this is the best i can do. omg.. i just wanna sleep.. fuck work.

i m so tired of reassuring.. reassuring..
when kids keep getting what they want.... when they are adults they will try and act like a kid again just to get what they want. well guess what. it wont work.
grow up man.

my eyes are damn red... from lack of sleep. eye bags so deep photoshop wont be able to cover them soon.. work is killing me. slowly. but surely.

i am inspired to paint.


JiNz said...

i suppose to be there...:(
Err..when are we going next?

Good effort does pay ehh..keep it up babe!

靖雯 said...

weeeeeeeeee ducky ducky~!
eh can pls don put my ugly eat duck pics next time ah?
but i guess mine still better than ur upside down one.hahhaa

鲁比 said...

u gals look hot and pretty as usual...hehe