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the worst feeling of all

love is like a moving cloud..
it floats high and light..
it shelters you from the harsh light of the sun..
it even divides the anger of the sun out into colourful rays..
but it absorbs droplets of pain..
and then pours them down in rain..
it also absorbs light...
and then strikes them down in anger..
it can turn grey with sadness..
and engulf everything else in pain..
but when it leaves...
the sun shines and blinds you with it's ferocity
and you die.. from the dry piercing warmth that stabs you every now and then
..the cuts remind you that you are alone..
it tears you up inside and you are reminded of how unworthy you are..
but you are not in pain..
for the sun numbs you to the core.. and you feel nothing.
not the cold sweet taste of ice cream.. nor the warm hot cocoa...
melodies turn into silent drones.. and friends became empty shells of temporary haven..
you reach out to touch something.. just hoping that it will remind you of your own existence..
but nothing is there.
no one is there to save you.
no one is there to tenderly stroke your hair and face..
no one is there to share comfortable silence with..
you no longer feel anything...
and that is the worst feeling of all.

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