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so do u wanna go KS with me?

sure.. of cos..but let me phone my parents beforehand..i had to ask them..

come on..lets walk back to my home n u can use my phone from there.

i walked with shadow..

up the hill... the road leading to my house.. the sky is unusually blue..little dots of cotton wools in the sky...

n suddenly.. a black slash in the sky.

hey, look at that.. wat do u think that is?

eh? i dunno.. wat could that be...

malay men are running towards the top of the hill... we watched carelessly. they were holding pipes.. aiming it to the sky.. n shooting them off.

oh.. it must be the AETNA festival tonight.. most probably they are fireworks or something..

fireworks that drop right into houses?

the nearest house... hit by the massive black spurt of jet fire... started generating its own flames... as we walk further down..people are all running around. all over the place..

my house.. my family... me n shadow ran .. down hill reaching my house.. a young man standing n smoking next to us.. threw a lighted match to the nearest house to him.. it burned.

that house was 2 houses away from my house. we ran inside my house. i explored the house.. checking off every living thing i see.. so that they be unhurt. my dad isn't there.

i rushed to the washroom...n yelled at my maid to help the house that is burning... she seemed stunned.

if we don't help them, the fire's gonna spread to us!

i filled the pail up with water.. waited for the painful minutes of water dripping to pass.

i ran outside the porch with my pail..............


woke up.... ugh...2nd time this week..dreaming bout family in danger. i m gonna go insane.

yesterday.. heard the most amazing news.. news that i had always wanted to hear.. to be assured of. but.. yet afraid that its just something i m listening..for a while...

so i still want it to come true.. but i wonder if i could still be up for it.

love's innocent. n sweet. thats because its from adolescent years.. years that we are trying to tell everybody we have grown up.. but not quite.

i wonder if i m innocent n sweet enough to continue in that love when it happens.

i'll be. though things not real..not yet real.will be real.

i'll be anticipating. with happiness or with dread i do not know. but i'll try once again to remain the same.

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