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WHY M i NOT hurt?

i have never really found a place i called home, i never stick quite long enough to make it.
i apologize for once again i m not in love, buts its not that i mind your heart ain't exactly breaking.
its just a thought, ony a thought.
is my life fixed for rent? n i don't learn to buy but i deservenothing more than i get cuz nothing i have is truly ine.
i always wanted to live by the sea, to travel the world alone n live more simply.
i had no idea wat happened to my dream..cuz theres really nothing left here to stop me

ok. deep one tonight.

i really dunnoinking know wat oink i had to do recently. it seemed that snorts n oinks are really snorting n oinking recently at the same time n i couldn't really listen to the snorts or the oinks. oinks might be bad.. so can snorts. but i cannot oink n just oink there.

but i just wanna snore n snort in my sleep... but wat if i oinks instead accidentally.

workload are oinking up expectantly..n............[HOW DO U ALL OINK MY LATEST BLOG LAYOUT??]

but its ok.. i m oinking to my life now.. n snorts realy can be adaptable easily oinkough.

i m trying to keep my oink as abstract so that only certain [ep[;e can oink wat i m snorting here all the oinking time. i do no know wahich snort i oink now.. n its not llike i oink to oink.. but u snort.... i have to oink somewhere later oink too.

in case all of u are oinking, this is how i oink to a certain friend...PHROZT.. i think snort is in the tagboard...oink it out.. snorts n oinks.

i can't go home for the next 3 oinking weeks.. because my dad snorts to aussie n i can't really go home to my stepoink n stepsis n little oinks n snorts cuz wat do i oink if front of snorts??

fel is oinking the cards again..trying to snort out her life..cute oink that one.

audrey went to oink in cyberia already..leaving us snorts n oinks behind...oink oink...sob***...

oh oink, i m starting to get oink to this type of oinking n snorting..so expect more oinks n snorts ..ok?

anyway..my oink here in mmu changed..people are oinking around..n gossiping oinks..n snorts..hearing oinks n snorts vvv often..not all good oinks n good snorts. i dun oink it one bit.. i just wish people here..who are almost all older than snort would just be more oinking mature.

all the past oinks..are almost snorted forgotten..n i feel oinky snorty guilty cuz i used to oink them..alot. alot alot...n sitll miss them even oink.

anyway..fel can't stop falling....fel just feel all the time..oink oink snort snort** ..hehe

i just oink back from cyberia..supper oinks..waited a full oinky hour for that salty snort of mee which no one wanna oink it up in the end.
wat a oink of waste time.,

tomoro dunnoink whether wanna go to zzen's CARMEN..cuz i can't oink back to mmu so late in the night..no bus already oinks..so maybe i can't go..

SORRY.. oink..snort*

i miss so many people..my soft oinking heart is going to snort open..wanna snort out my water thru my eyes..sob

oink all of u...[snort*]

oinking off...ssssSSSnnnnnNNNoorrRRt*


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