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imagine.. in a world..where people have sex freely..(eeyer?)... n its just like a chat over the phone.. n getting raped is just like quarrelling.. the point is...no one gives a damn bout virginity.. n because no one cares, we don't care ourselves too. we don't care if we r not a virgin anymore.. cuz no one elses care.

which means.. if no one cares bout something. we won't too.

n if suicide is an eventual thing in life...um..lets say when all of us is 50 years old. we MUST um..by law commit suicide. it will become a thing so common..cuz everyone is going thru it.. that no one gives a damn bout death anymore.

its all bout rules that r confining us... n the people themselves that do all sorts of funny things to get things started.

how ridiculous.

good if people could just be watever the hell they wanted to be n heck care bout who think bout them n who care n who like. heck. care. HECK CARE.

anyway.. got my tablet.. still getting used to my PAINTER 8 new environment.. the brushes are real tough to handle..hair looks stiff... n pressure sensitivity of the tablet is real bad too............finished jennifer garner.. but not putting it up. it'll be a disgrace to me n my so called talent.

ok.. so ends tonight. short one..

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