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HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! that is not so holiday

definition of holiday.. a period of hibernation away from stress n work filled with leisurely activities that will refresh you.

definition of holiday for ME.. a period of more hectic but more enjoyable lifestyle filled with leisurely activities n workload that will tire u even more.

wa.. holidays here. one measly week only. filled with work.. the damn cg thing. have yet to download the instructions from the cg site..
df too. have to finish this weekend.

to cherry, moon maiden, shadow, zzen n capo.. i'll be free the whole week for more intruding in my house.. except for monday.. n vv free for red box or late nights out. with open arms please.

lament bout my LOST/STOLEN ADIDAS sleeveless tshirt
some fool of a pig head stole my adidas shirt which i have wore less than 5 times.

curse that fool... may she have rotten wombs by the time she is 20.. n deflowered ass hole by the time she is 21.. n bald scabby head by the time she is 25.. n may her nails rot by the mouths of bacteria that will consume all her body as well.. crap her. CRAP CRAPP!!

ok. end of lament.

end of blog. more interesting blog later on.

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