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was riding on my motorbike..with u in the back seat, away from everything.
..thats the good school i unable to get in, zoomed pass my sight without a warm smile.
reach out to me, give me your hands..slowly...let go of all your previous loss and scars..


the rain are coming at me from every direction..splattering at me, with each drop it cplits a certain conscience of mine.
..thats the old man's home, suddenly the basket frame seemed so tallm so very tall.
the mighty tree i once climbed before, since when did it become so miniature??

maybe its better this way.. people now dun give a damn bout u n me..

..when the rain gets heavier, we'll be parted.. n be weak without each other.


since time has not catch up on us yet, let me leave.. with u by my side.
..we'll be nobody, won't even exist...
but though we'll be weak in different sides of the world, i'll still protect you..somehow.

since time has not catch up on us yet, let us leave together..
.. don't tell me i m stubborn, this isn't about stubborness.. nor is this running away..

..there's no one forcing you to leave with me, not with a string on your neck.. realize that its happiness this way.

its the fact that no one is helping us...the fact that everyone is against us..that will make our leave more satisfying.


i wanna run away. but there's no one there. ...


there's people there. but... how can one run away when the people's that there..somehow can't belong..

those places that i thought i really belong to.. isn't really a place for me... i haven't find the right place yet.. not yet. perhaps soon.. maybe tomoro?

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