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only a month and a half here n my english has degrade from the golden stairs of heaven to the sin-filled mud in hell... can't even differentiate whether izzit i WAS or i WERE.

its i WERE.. btw...

stuttering when talking to others... wanted to say LOUDER.. instead wat came out is LOUSER..

and wanted to say PROFESSIONAL...wat came out was... I LOOK SO FOHFESSIONAL.

wa.. i tell u.. remember the computer graphics lecturer i had with such a powderful england? i got stuck accidentally in her class this week.. n she went.. " now, all of u FANSFER FAR into a FOHDER."

n with fel unable to differentiate between rural n urban... my life here is hell... every single word is topsy turvy..thinking twice with every time i spell something.


BUT. one achievement. at least i stopped my self from using.. BASICALLY.

god... i need to get out of this place. i m definitely not completing all 4 years here....or my already gone english would be somehow even goner.

see? i m that bad already.

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