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say goodnight, thank u for being with me tonight.
close ur eyes.. be quiet. i understand the turmoil within u.
i have seen too many situations that are too late to be changed, til i finally found you now.. whether u accept it or would u rather leave me, i hope to stay for a while
other than that, i want u to understand i really love to see your smile...they made me wait for u longer n longer.
reality is not that happy, other than that i really regret..for til now i cannot open up ur heart. n if u need somebody i m sure i'll be there. i won't leave.
so goodbye..goodnight. i can't bear watching ur being so uneasy.
its alright, i m fine i think this story won't have an ending.
theres lots of times which u didn't realize u r already by my side whether u stgay or u leave.
I m gonna stay for a while

recently i have been so cranked up with people around me.. but of cos i TRY not to let that show. how judgemental people can be about first impression n physical looks....... ..

ok.. something funny... today i smsed my dad during lunch.. because i was eating alone.. in my hostel block foodcourt.. chicken chops.. awaiting their chef who loves to use expired french fries for the chicken chop. i was getting bored..

hmm..all words appear as in hp screen.

ME ~ Y i send u email u won't reply geh..

DAD ~ today holiday

ME ~ Is that supposed to be e answer to my question or is tat a statement? ha ha

DAD ~ no internet in hotel coz no cabel

ME ~ U seemed to be sufferin with ur hp keys..such a burden to sms huh..well.. just to say hi only cuz i m eating alone now.. very Sien.take care yea.


ME ~ Ha ha.. u r supposed to be in control of ur hp not e other way round. U WASH CLOTHES AR? Can onot orh.. ok ok i dun wanna kacau u..i wanna go back room adi.

DAD ~ take care love u

.....thats my sweet dad there... trying his best to keep up with the hp keys.. exploring using BIG letters n um......UNIQUE spelling..hahahah

i m so darn bored... did another cg of emma watson.. i liked it.. but others don't. i wonder why...

suddenly felt like eating TOMYAM maggi mee..hmm..go down buy...

recently all my lectures at the hall.. are full of nothing but drawings.. with audrey passing me titles n telling me to draw.. oh.. i drew her n her bro.. n she said that she doesn't look like that wor...................................................................

um.. hahahaha.. okla.. u r prettier la... haha

at least they keep me awake.

back to more interesting things.... i found myself evolving into someone that is predicted once ago.. n once again.. i m helpless..watching myself go down the pit.

i have been too irrational.. can't let my feelings get ahead of me.. not this time. not anymore. ....

unfair isn't it.. .. but i'll be irrational when its worth it. when it is finally worth it.

...mmm....TOMYAM cooking in the HOT CUP...i can smell..

wanna eat!!

ITADAKIMASU! \(^0^)ssllurp!

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