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well ..i'll always be there for u when u need someone well i'll be that one..
well..i'll do all my best to protect u when the tears get me all right..
well..i'll be the one thats by ur side.
well..i'll be there when u call me in the middle of the night...
i'll will keep the rain from falling down into ur eyes...i promise
i promise.. i promise i will...
when u r sick i'll take care of u..(put a cold towel on ur forehead)
take ur darkest night n make it bright for u
well i'll be there to make u strong n to lean on when this world has turned so cold.well ..I'll be the one that's there to hold.
n i'll love u more everyday .. n nothing will take that love away...
when u need someone..i promise i'll be there for u..

yawn.. i m so sleepy ..someone is already snoring beside me...oh. now wake up already orh. orhlorh. la meh. ha.

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